Saturday 20 August 2011

Singapore Presidential Elections 2011 Candidate Analysis

Why am I doing this?

I have spent approximately 6 days in analyzing our Presidential Elections (PE) candidates since the Presidential Elections Committee first issued the certificates of eligibility to the 4 Presidential candidates on the 11th Aug 2011.

I went through their websites and blogs. I read articles about them and about the election at the candidates' websites, as well as from other websites. I watched many of their videos in the Internet. I watched videos on the Roundtable discussion with the 4 presidential candidates conducted by Straits Times in the Straits Times newsroom on Tuesday, 16th Aug 2011. I watched their Nomination Day speech, 17th Aug 2011, and some campaigning walked about videos. And I also watched the TV broadcast of the PE candidates on the 18th Aug 2011.

I have also been thinking and analysing about this PE since then. Now that I am clear and I can answer to myself how and why I make my decision, I would like to share them with all of you, and present them to you as a normal Singaporean.

Why spend time on this?

Am I so free to spend so much time on the PE? Certainly not. Frankly speaking, I am a very busy person. So, why am I doing this? Because I think it is important, although not critical at the moment. I want to make my thoughts clear and be able to share them with you, my friends, family and fellow Singaporeans. I do not want to do it wrongly, take it lightly or "blur blurly" (not well informed).

Since I have spent a few days thinking and analyzing about it, I would have so much to write about that it will become too long winded. Therefore, to make it short (which I in fact used more time to do so), I will go straight to the point.

How the People, Government and President are related?

Below is my layman illustration of what I think the relationship of the people, government and the president should be.

What our Grandfather (the President) should be?

Below is my layman illustration of what I think the president should be.

What I see in the 4 PE Candidates?

Below are my graphical explanation of what I see in our 4 Presidential Election Candidates.

Who will I vote for?

How I vote is based on what I want. Honestly, I want Changes.

I want Singapore to be better. I want Singaporeans to be better. I want changes for better policies that will affect Singaporeans. I will vote for the person whom I think is the most likely one who can do it and not just talk only.

With my analysis, Dr Tony Tan is the most likely person whom I think can do it. He has the calibre of being a Prime Minister of Singapore. He has the connection from both public and private sector. He has the upmost respect from the Prime Minister and MPs. He has the wisdom to make changes. Now that he is not under the Party Whip of PAP, I think he can be independent.

Talk is cheap, Action will cost money but Wisdom & Respect is priceless. It is only with all the attributes mentioned that changes can then be made more correctly.

At age 71, Dr Tony Tan certainly got no financial worries and he is already enjoying high respect and status in his life. So what will he gain from doing all these? As for Dr Tan Cheng Bock, he is a man of virtue, based on how I see him carries himself. As he has said, he is the one who started the "EP competition". That is a good cause. Thank you Doc.

I supported the Worker's Party in the GE 2011, but I don't dislike or hate PAP. I support PAP too. But the underlining truth is I support righteous, fairness and rationality.

Like many of the people, my left brain says Dr Tony Tan and my right brain says Dr Tan Cheng Bock. Difficult decision to make... should I give my vote to the one whom I like more, or should I give my vote to the one I think will have more influential power to the government. If it comes to LOVE, I will choose the one I like more, no doubt about it. When it comes to country, I will need to kick in my rationale and vote for the one I think who got more influential power and vision.

I am voting for Dr Tony Tan does not mean that I dislike the other three Tans. I wish I can sing "Count on Me Singapore" and watch a football match with Dr Tan Cheng Bock even if he is not elected as president. I wish I can learn Malay and Tamil from Mr Tan Kin Lian. I wish I can learn some courage from Mr Tan Jee Say. All these men are our man.... let's give all of them our Appreciations. Our appreciations for them to give all Singaporeans a choice and a chance to vote. Appreciations for us to learn what Presidential Election is all about. A chance for us to "Use our Brain" and "Open our Eyes".

Sirs and Doc, I sincerely thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Salute you.

I will take my responsibility as a Singaporean to cast my vote on the 27th Aug 2011 and my vote will go to Dr Tony Tan. I hope that you, your friends and family will also vote for Dr Tony Tan in this Presidential Elections 2011. Give him the support and encouragement. Give him the chance to help you and I, Singapore and Singaporeans, with his influential power.

In the Nutshell

I want changes like many of you too. I want changes for the better and not changes for the sake of changing.

To have real changes, I think we should vote for a President who can work well with the government and who is highly respected by the government. If not, there will only be wasting of time in argument and cause more division of the people.

Currently, I personally feel that Singapore is still in the safe hand of the current government and our PM Lee Hsien Loong is still highly trustable and capable. But I shared the same view with Dr Tony Tan that there is a likely chance of a "financial and economic crisis wave" coming that will affect Singapore.

PM Lee will need a big uncle figure like Dr Tony Tan as the President, who has huge experiences, connections, knowledge and wisdom to work with him. PM Lee has ESM Goh Chock Tong and he needs Dr Tony Tan too in this "turbulent" time (the watershed GE 2011). Give them a chance to work together. I believe they will work together and give a chance to all Singaporeans who need help.

For the next 5 - 6 years, we will see if we have made the right decision. Let us stand together and be united first.

Hereby, I wish every single Singaporean a happy holiday on 27th Aug 2011 and for those of you who are voting on that day, take it seriously and vote with your eyes open and vote wisely. Thank You.

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