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I started my personal blog (jaywinchia.wordpress.com) in May 2010 with the theme "Connecting the Generations". It was used for posting my thoughts on all my various aspects of life. However, that caused the dilution of the theme I have in mind for the blog, which is my social aspect of life.

On 27th July 2012, I relaunched my blog as blog.jaywin.sg and replaced the old site with this new one. All postings that were written before the relaunched date were ported over from my previous blog.


This blog is the depository of my thoughts on the theme "Connecting the Generations". All the postings here will be shared at my social media presence at +Jaywin Chia, where I will discuss and comment on matters related to the same theme.

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This blog is about my social self. All views and opinions presented by me in this blog are solely at my personal capacity and do not represent any organisations, institutions or groups that I am belonging to, unless stated.

I will be responsible with what I presented. I will write what is factual and accurate to the best of my ability. In the event that I was wrong, I will make clear of my corrections. However, if I were wrongly accused, I will stand firm and seek clarification.


What do I mean by Connecting the Generations?
I have this strong believe, that "Future Generation is the responsibility of Current Generation". If the cycle is well established, it will also result in 'Current Generation is provided by the Previous Generation". See diagram below.

Future Generation is the responsibility of Current Generation cycle diagram

I believe this is much of a common sense to most of us. However, how many of us are really doing that? What I commonly see is Current Generation has to provide for the Future Generation, the Previous Generation and also for themselves (the Current Generation). That is triple (3) burdens. If the Current Generation just focus on providing for the Future Generation, once the cycle is established, the Current Generation only needs to worry about the Future Generation which is only 1 burden.

This whole cycle has to start somewhere. If it was not started by your forefathers or father, it has to be started by you. It is not about your own generation. What we have now, or suffered from, are passed down from the previous and prior generations. What we will be experiencing ahead will depend on the future generation. Therefore, all the generations are connected and will affect each other in one way or another. That is what I meant by Connecting the Generations. In other words, I am connecting the cause and effect of various generations.

What is the logo about?

The meaning of Connecting the Generation logo

What is the purpose of this blog?
From my own life experiences, learned and observed, there are generation gaps between different generations in most cases. Sometimes, the gaps can be wide. The older generations will think that they are right because they have more experiences. The younger generations will think that they are right because they think that the time has changed. Different generations face different hardship and encounter different things in different era.

Back when I was a young person, I mixed with friends who were much older than me. When I grew up, I also mixed with more senior and experience people. When I start to mature now, I mix with people younger and much younger than me. It is just my 2nd nature to mix with a wide age group of people, from all walks of life, and of different genders. I like to listen and learn from them. I also like to discuss and sometimes challenge them.

Therefore, I wish that by having this blog, I could post things that would help to narrow the generation gaps in one way or another, regardless of how small is the effect. Thus, Connecting the Generations.

Which generations do we fall into?
I am considered to be the Generation X according to the Magnum photographer Robert Capa. For reference only, the following shows the demographic group.

  • Veterans (born prior 1946)
  • Baby Boomers (born between 1946 to 1963)
  • Gen X (born between 1964 to 1980)
  • Gen Y (born between 1981 to 2000)
  • Gen Z (born from 2001)