Wednesday 11 March 2009

A decision Yesterday make me Today

14 years ago, I decided to buy a computer and learn typing.....the 1st experience was EXCITING.....then it became TOUGH.......and now, it becomes WORTH IT!

Learning from what is hardware, OS, DOS to windows, database, spreadsheets, wordprocessors....the list goes on and on......I realised that TYPING is the common denominator of computer things. I had 2 choices. Either I live with my "2 finger" typing or I pick up "real" typing. And you may have guessed correctly, I made that decision, took the pain and picked up "real" typing. Although I am not a "super sonic" typist, I am confident to type like I am writing. In fact, I only look at the screen when I type and I cannot remember which key is what alphabet anymore.......

Back to the learning of typing. Some people may say that it is nothing. But to me, it was like walking uphill with a stone double the size of me, hanging on my neck.......

I still remembered during that time, I got myself a typing sofware. The software is not available now. It was running on windows 3.1.

Back then, after work, I took my dinner and sat infront of the computer and started "learning" and "practicing". Initially, it was fine because learning new things attracted my interest initially...... then 2nd day, 3rd day..... with a full time job, sometimes, the discipline could be weaken..... I remembered at time, I would dozed off infront of the computer. And the next thing when I opened my eyes, I saw a bow of hot "liang cha" (herbal tea) right on the computer desk......yes, my mum "secretly" placed it there while I was dozing....heartening was how I felt..... something that I cannot forget.....

Ok, it took me about 3 - 4 weeks to start TYPING, if I am not wrong . Of course, it was still not so smooth in my typing after that 3-4 weeks. A lot and a lot of practice and most importantly, using it.

To those who want to start learning and making use of computer to help in their work, business or even life and play, I recommend to take the pain to learn typing...... I NEVER LOOK BACK AFTER THAT...... you decide for yourself.

Enjoy the video below :)

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